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Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery..... Towards a bright future.

From The Principal’s Desk

Children have a great hunger to know and understand their world and that’s why you will find them asking so many questions at this age.  Playgroup and Nursery education is the very foundation of all education and plays a very important role to ensure the all-round development of your child. Children’s attitude and aptitude is developed through these initial years to prepare them in their later developmental years in life. And as our brand motto goes, we are here not only to work on your child’s early years and make learning, fun and forever, but we are also working towards your child’s bright future.

Our purpose is to offer a unique, expertly designed early education program for your child. We sincerely believe in establishing a learning Centre where children’s social development is as important as their readiness for intellectual accomplishment.  

Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery provides them the platform where children can discover, use and develop their abilities to the fullest and hence, we at Little Feet not only incorporate Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence to make your child SMART in every possible area of his life, which will certainly help him excel in all areas now, but also lay a foundation for your child’s bright future.

We, as early childhood educators, are completely aware of the unending cut-throat competition in further levels of schooling and we at Little Feet are well prepared for it. Hence, we have a well-researched curriculum, which is age-appropriate and stimulating, helping your child prepare to face this challenge too.

Our Curriculum, which surrounds it’s activities and learning around Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, not only focuses on aspects like memory, concentration, writing, reading and rich speaking vocabulary, but also exposes your child to a lot of fun, combining it with  enhancing their listening and musical skills and logical thinking through play-way methods. Through our various activities, your child unleashes his creativity, thereby becoming more self-reliant and responsible and also learns to play, communicate, co-operate and love.

The cumulative effect of various factors has made Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery reach at the top spot. The memories of excellent progress, immaculate annual function, our choice of destinations for educational field trips, event and festive celebrations and annual sports meet lingers throughout the year. The very thought to make excellence a habit and not an exception and strong unanimity in action, to do something new and different and to raise the bar has made Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery dynamic and result-oriented.

We wish to make every child’s memory of early years the ones to cherish forever.

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