Our Team

Our Team

Our teaching and non-teaching staff at LITTLE FEET are highly qualified, dedicated and professional.

They love kids and love teaching which involves dynamic, interesting, challenging and exciting activities.

They encourage the development of each child by providing love, care, confidence, motivation and emphasizing self-discipline in them.

Our low teacher/child ratio allows us to give each child the individual attention they require. We have two teachers and one helper in every classroom who work together as a team to provide quality program for your child.

Lot of efforts are taken in preparing lesson plans for our little ones, as they need to be taught the right thing in the right manner. Our lesson plans usually revolve around various interesting themes inspired from our day to day life activities.

Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery..... Towards a bright future

At Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery, all our teachers and staff are well-trained, qualified and well experienced.

Teacher’s thoughts

Children by their very nature are quite inquisitive. They want to know all that they can about the world around them. The goal of education should be to encourage seeking answers, as through this process do they progress in their understanding of the world and various concepts related to it.
In order to further encourage seeking answers to the questions around us, I try to encourage the questions themselves. I seek to facilitate this advancement of knowledge and curiosity that leads to deep knowledge, in children at “Little Feet”.

Mrs. Trupti Ved
Supervisor and Teacher
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

Through my observation and understanding of children, I believe that teachers impart more by way of example than percept and children are very perceptive in recognizing when a teacher does not practice what she preaches. I personal try to teach several values to children at Little Feet, not only through my words, but actions too.
To name a few, included among these are – preparation, the value of clear pronunciations and effective communication, the importance of treating everyone with fairness, the significance of equality, etc.

Ms. Janita Soni
Admin Manager and Teacher
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

Personal contact with children is essential to my approach. Many need encouragement to talk to their teachers, so I emphasize my availability for informal discussion and my willingness to help them sort out any problems they have with what they are learning. My experience as a teacher is greatly enriched by this contact with children.
I am fortunate to teach in ‘Little Feet’ where I can follow the progress of the children through the program and sometimes even beyond school years.

Mrs. Lisa Gonsalves
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

Through a mixture of guided and creative play, children at ‘Little Feet’ have the opportunity to learn about color, shapes, textures, numbers, letters, animals, seasons, feelings, senses, nutrition, personal hygiene, manners, basic science and math concepts, and creative concepts such as “pretend” play, art, music, drama, and dance. 
I allow each child to learn at his/her own speed.  I believe that we must not force a child to attain developmental milestones.  At ‘Little Feet’ we will never pressurize a child to learn something faster than he/she is able to.


Ms. Jasmine Diya

Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

The early years of children’s lives are the most critical when it comes to their development.  They are growing and learning at a phenomenal rate.  I believe that it is very important to have a child in an environment that is consistent and secure.  Children need to be able to form secure attachments not only with their parents but also their teachers/caregivers.
Simply being in a loving and nurturing environment forms these types of attachments.  At ‘Little Feet’, I feel glad to see children feel as comfortable and secure as they would in their own home.

Mrs. Sarabjeet
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

I believe learning should not be limited to within the four walls of Playgroup and Nursery. I like to expose our children at ‘Little Feet’ to ‘real’ things. This helps them relate and understand things better and they remember concepts taught forever.
I strive to help my children grow and be able to have self-confidence, good inter-personal skills and excellent knowledge.

Ms. Tejaswini
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

The academic curriculum at "Little Feet Playgroup and Nursery" is rich of excitement and exploration and full of all the skills needed for children at ‘Little Feet’ to thrive and move forward in today's competitive school environment. I have continuously explored, gathered facts, researched and reviewed before adding activities and new material to make our curriculum a comprehensive, challenging, emergent and stimulating one. At ‘Little Feet’ we not only provides a nurturing environment for our children but also a well-researched curriculum – A curriculum that promotes positive learning, sparks leaners enthusiasm for learning and provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Ms. Melanie Mathias
Pedagogista & Curriculum Head
Little Feet Playgroup & Nursery

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